A More Normal Social Life

soccer player with ball

Like many (probably most) other people, COVID-19 drastically changed my social interactions in 2020 and continues to impact them in 2021. I stopped going to the gym, recreational soccer was cancelled, stopped going to church and restaurants, and stayed away from nearly all friends and family. As an outgoing and sociable person, these changes took a toll on me emotionally and physically.

I’m incredibly excited and encouraged that my social life is looking a little more normal as we continue through the year. I know that it’s unlikely to be entirely back to normal this year, but the improvements give me hope. There are still activities that I don’t feel comfortable with, based on my perceptions of the risk involved, but getting together and sharing a meal with friends and family again has lifted my spirits. My rec outdoor soccer league will be playing, and I hope to be out there this fall.

Also, like many others on the Ideba team, I am excited for our first in-person QBR this fall. Dan Rosen really captured my sentiments as well in his blog The Importance of Real (Not Virtual) Connection. Check it out if you haven’t yet.

So, while there are still a few activities I think I’m unlikely to resume this year, it feels like things are getting better little by little. I’m hopeful that things will continue moving in that direction.

Aaron Baldwin, Senior Designer