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human and robot hands reaching to touch

Maybe The Human-Like Robots Aren’t So Bad?

I remain fascinated by those Boston Dynamics robots. I can’t get enough of them. They had already cornered the market on creeping us out with their robots’ shenanigans via the dog-like creation they call “Spot.” https://youtu.be/wXxrmussq4E Now,…
human and robot hands reaching to touch

Ready Synthetic Go.

The world’s house arrest surfaced new habits and accelerated synthetic products - big empires today. Think the star-studded MasterClass, or the elite expertise of Farnham Street. This is a far cry from when I made $380 dollars selling…
robot thinking

I Like my Machines the way Mae West Liked her Men: Dumb.

https://youtu.be/wXxrmussq4E The referenced video holds the benign title “Robots Opening Doors.” Sounds simple. However, the reaction to it, including mine, can be best described as bemused horror. In the video, an arm-less, 4-legged…