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multiracial group of people sitting at an airport

Social media is getting better for corporations

Social media isn’t as social as it used to be. As I write, CEOs of major social sites are testifying before Congress about their seeming unwillingness to make their platforms less addictive and toxic for minors and why their algorithms favor…
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Tales from an Instagram Lab Rat

. Are “Likes” important to you? Do you feel competitive comparing your Instagram profile to others? Well maybe you would enjoy my setup! Back in April of this year, Instagram announced they would be testing out the idea hiding Like counts…
macarons and coffee

Would You Like Some Coffee with Your Aesthetics?

Recently I was working in a café, people watching every time I took a sip of my cappuccino. The café was very pleasing to the eye. White tile, driftwood accents, greenery hanging from every wall and natural lighting filled the space. After…