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Returning to In-Person Conferences

I had the chance to visit the RSA Security Conference yesterday at the Moscone center in San Francisco. Yes, it has been a while. But everyone there was returning with enthusiasm. The booth designs were brimming with energy and ideas. The hosts…
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Making Marketing Metrics Matter

Analytics has gone in and out of fashion focus over the past two decades. There is a point in time that it takes all the oxygen out of any other marketing conversation, and then months that it isn't even discussed. Sure, there are only so many…
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Why your LinkedIn profile is more valuable than your Resume

Confession Time! I’ve only read the Resume of one @Ideba employee ever! And if you can guess who it is first time, I’ll send you a @Starbucks card. As is widely recognized, the majority of people get a job through peer referrals,…
bitcoin bull market

Digital Fungus

As the Crypto Economic Era bull market rages, with Bitcoin and Ethereum surpassing their all-time highs, we are seeing a range of blockchain-based businesses, applications, and projects entering the market. One of the most intriguing categories…
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Pre-Highlights from CES2018 to Avoid Going There in Person

The (sometimes) energetic craziness of the yearly Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas is mostly overshadowed by the too-many-people-to-enjoy-myself syndrome.  Having attended over the past 20 years now, it has gone from the friend that…