Attention to detail goes a long way

Attention to detail feels so simple but is very complex and requires deliberate thought and energy. I sometimes find that people choose speed over detail. Guess what? Doing things fast won’t matter if the details are incorrect. In fact, you might even lose a customer.

Working with many clients, I’ve seen more errors than I care to admit. Names spelled incorrectly in emails. Meeting invites created that were never sent to the intended recipient(s) or sent to the wrong person. Incorrectly noted dates or days of the week. Presentations referencing the wrong month and/or year. These all seem very basic. Some would say “no big deal”. Call me a perfectionist, but really, I am just a firm believer that attention to detail is a main difference between ordinary and extraordinary. Whether you’re designing a product, crafting a marketing email, or simply sending a recap from a meeting, the smallest details can have a significant impact on the final outcome. Paying attention to the details shows you took the time to care.

I’ll share a personal story that proves how lacking attention to detail can cause a major problem…

My family and I were recently staying in a hotel. We were packing our things ahead of checking out and a man entered the room using a hotel key. He informed us that he had just checked in and was given our room number with a programmed key. This has never happened to me as a hotel guest. Having worked in hotels before, I am very familiar with the process of checking someone in (even to an occupied hotel room). The simple reason this occurred was a lack of attention to detail. I realize this situation could have been so much worse, but when you pay for a hotel room, you expect to have privacy and security. That was breached by the agent just making a “simple mistake”. Had they paid better attention to detail, this would not have happened.

Attention to detail signals professionalism, competence, and a commitment to quality. When prospects and customers see you’ve taken the time to get even the smallest details right, it instills confidence in your abilities and builds trust. Attention to detail can be the difference between gaining a loyal customer and losing them to a competitor.

Attention to detail is not a nicety; it’s a fundamental aspect of success. My advice to anyone reading this… slow down and embrace the power of paying attention to the details. It’s the difference between mediocrity and greatness.

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Jenna Whelan – VP of Consulting and Research Services