Over the past few weeks, we have all had front-row seats to the University Admissions Scandal, which we all recognize is wrong on so many levels – especially the impact it has had on talented, gifted students that were truly worthy of places at universities, but who were ultimately denied by egotistical parents that bought their way into the admissions process, on behalf of their children… some of whom will ultimately suffer themselves long-term as a result of their parent’s selfishness.

Despite protestations and public statements made to help reduce the severity of their sentences, the people involved in this scandal are not sorry. They are sorry they got caught.

I’ve always been a glass half-full kinda guy, so I’d like the hundreds of parents involved in this scandal to get together, and contribute toward a scholarship fund that focuses on helping talented and gifted children from low income neighborhoods get through university. Helps turn a negative into a positive… by securing funding for this, for the next two decades at least.

So how about it #felicityhuffman and #lorilaughlin ? You have a chance to lead by positive example of others involved by using your influence to make this happen; and start to heal wounds in the process – with an initiative that could have a long-term impact on students that would otherwise have limited opportunity to go on to any kind of university or college?



David Sly, President