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Airbnb’s White-Glove Experience vs. the Mediocre Standard

Airbnb has become a pioneer in the world of hospitality, not only for its diverse array of accommodations but also for the unique experiences it provides in terms of client service. As a frequent traveler, I use Airbnb to book exclusive, affordable…
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Client Service Takes a Hit when Triple Booking Yourself for Meetings

In today's fast-paced world, juggling multiple tasks and meetings has become the norm for many professionals. While it may seem like a way to be more efficient (which I’ve now heard from several clients), it’s dangerous to triple-book…
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The Golden (Flake) Standard of Customer Service

In a society filled with hustle culture, most people don’t know how or when to stop and ask for help. The refusal to seek help dials down to the common question: why let someone help, when I can do it better myself? Or moreover: why let someone…