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talking on video call

Overcoming Nervousness when Interviewing and Presenting

When I first started my career doing phone and in-person interviews – and then presenting research findings – I couldn't imagine getting through them without feeling completely awkward, nervous, unsure… pick your word… but can now attest…
evolve or repeat

People, Process, Technology

Now that we are seeing commercial releases of GPT-3 artificial intelligence, this year has been phenomenal in watching new tools for marketers evolve. As they get smarter, expand the datasets, and improve the user experience, this year should…
typing on keyboard

A Couple Unexpected Perks to Working in Market Research

I noticed something the other morning while I was working on a research presentation for one of our clients, and it made me chuckle a bit. While I was alphabetizing various names of competitors, I realized that I was able to put them in…