I believe in Santa

Let’s be honest… there’s a lot of crap going on in the world today. No-one likes the rat-race. And in a world where politics often trump logic and doing the right thing, life can be tiring at times.

Which brings me to Santa and the emotional reaction he generates from children around the world. There’s something so refreshing about child-like innocence exuded by kids… and then they get corrupted by peer pressure to grow up. Before you know it, you have elementary school kids harassing parents for smartphones; and ultimately adults that are totally afraid to show child-like emotions, especially in the workplace.

So when you switch on the TV on Christmas Eve, and watch Santa buzz around the world in hours on the Santa Tracker; it’s ok to bring back a little of that innocence YOU exuded as a child. And believe!

Let’s leave the rat-race behind this Holiday season, and focus on enjoying life like we did when we were kids.

Happy Ho-ho-ho!


David Sly, President