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The AI threat is news again

AI is having another moment. Every few years it grabs the attention and dominates the headlines. Most major newspapers have a weekly take on it. More than ever, companies tout the most rudimentary machine learning as AI to veil themselves in…
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The beautiful chaos has given us some entertainment the past few weeks. Some of my favorite stories:

Grifters gonna grift-the fraud of FTX and over a million customers left hanging. https://www.bbc.com/news/technology-63624894Not many people like Zuck’s version of the metaverse. Shocking, I know. But hey, Roblox is rocking over 200 million…
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Even Faker News in Times of Protest

The level of fake news has risen to greater heights recently.  Pouring gasoline on the protest fires, the alt-right just faked up a bunch of left-wing propaganda pretending to be Antifa and got caught…but still influenced people…