It’s one of our maxims here at Ideba: no one ever complained about great service.

When you receive great service, you tell people. And when you receive bad service – you tell more people.

Here are four easy ways to keep the gossip good:
1. Listen and act. We were born with two ears and one mouth for a reason. Customers want to feel like you’ve heard what they’re saying. And once you’ve listened, act on it!

2. Be available. Answer your phone. Return your voicemail. Respond to your email. And do it within the hour if you can. It seems like a small thing, but being readily available to your customers when they need you makes a world of difference. Sorry folks, but annoying automated response units don’t count!

3. View customer complaints as an opportunity for greatness. These customers are doing you a service – telling you where you’re falling short, and giving you the chance to make it right. Going above and beyond to turn a negative into a positive is a good way for a company to make a great impression. On the flip side, complaints which aren’t handled well will only make a bad situation worse.

4. Keep your promises. This goes not only for explicit promises you make to your customers, but also the promises that are implied to them by your brand messaging. For example, Apple’s brand is all about simplicity. Imagine if they suddenly came out with a complex product that was difficult to use… wouldn’t it feel like they’d broken a promise to you?

One thing is clear; your customers are talking about you. What do you want them to say?

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-By Erin Sullivan, Director of Client Services

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  1. Tara Dong
    Tara Dong says:

    Great thoughts Erin, and words to live by. I suspect that your customer would be saying that Ideba has taken this science and made it a fine art.

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