Your Company Needs to Use Visual Social Media

Social networkingMany companies are attempting (with varying rates of success) to leverage traditional social media—such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter—to enhance their marketing initiatives. While this can be a great starting point for engaging customers, they are often missing out on reaching users in more powerful ways through the use of Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest.

Social Media Examiner recently conducted their 6th annual Social Media Marketing Industry Report with responses from more than 2800 marketers. While Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn were the top platforms used by most of those surveyed, a high percentage of marketers with 5+ years of experience are using YouTube (74%), Pinterest (66%), and Instagram (47%). The report also notes that, “Marketers investing 40+ hours per week are much more focused on Instagram (46% more) . . . YouTube (38% more), [and] Pinterest (37% more) . . . than those investing 6 or fewer hours a week with social media.” Experienced marketers are using these platforms, but what are some simple ways that you can use them and reach new customers? A few ideas are listed below.

Instagram– Post the image (or a related one) from a recent blog post with a link to the blog. Share images from events or conferences using hashtags related to the event or conference. You can also share images of employees volunteering.

Pinterest – Show visual content such as infographics or lifestyle photos that promote your company’s narrative. Add ‘Pin It’ buttons to images on your site so that people can pin your images/products to their pinboards.

YouTube – Create a personal YouTube Channel so that customers can subscribe to your account. Always include an invitation/call to action and a link to your website. Create videos on upcoming products, industry trends, or behind the scene videos.

How is your company using Instagram, Pinterest, and/or YouTube to interact with customers? Leave a comment below to let us know.

—Aaron Baldwin, Designer