iStock_000029033234SmallDo your email campaigns still focus on browser over mobile? For many companies this is a problem. After all, it can take quite a bit of strategic team planning and agreement to shift away from an email marketing format to a new one. Change can be very hard…especially in the enterprise setting.

As a marketing consultant, these mobile email issues probably stick out much worse to me than to others – but, a bad impression is a bad impression. So, it can be a valuable undertaking to prioritize and budget to rework that email engine to assure an appealing appearance on all devices.

There is a report that backs this up: Exact Target’s 2014 State of Marketing Report. The stats are in there about responsive design for email campaigns… check them out.

Based on the prominence of the issue, if you’re looking for a high-impact improvement to your organization’s marketing, perhaps a responsive design to your email marketing will be the ticket to impressing your mobile audience. If you’ve gone responsive already, kudos; if not, it should definitely be something to consider.

We’d like to hear how you feel about mobile email experiences…so drop us a note.

-Mark Salow, Marketing Consultant