It’s been a long process: Many months of research and thought and negotiations went into developing your new brand, and now here it is:

It is beautiful. It is juicy. It is memorable. It is relevant.

Your brand is good and (if all goes well) will enable your audience to form a strong emotional connection with your product. Branding guidelines are a key ingredient in helping make that happen.

Many people from a multitude of backgrounds work on implementing a brand.
I think clear parameters help ensure that a brand stays consistent while leaving room for some adjustment (without diluting the brand). This can help make it a great brand, one that works seamlessly across cultures and markets.

Without consistent brand implementation a juicy, sweet orange might just turn into a bitter lemon.

What other elements do you think are important to help ensure that your brand becomes/stays relevant? Please share your thoughts and experiences around branding guidelines or rolling out a new brand.