I recently completed a research study where we asked people to define innovation. We heard from people that products are innovative if they make you more innovative. Of course a lot of people brought up the iPhone as the most innovative product they have seen in a while. I agree the things I do with my iPhone are pretty cool:

  • Take a picture of my parking space number at the airport so I can find it when I get back home
  • Listen to Pandora music
  • Use Google maps walking directions to get around unfamiliar cities
  • Check my personal and work e-mail anytime anyplace
  • Keep in touch with my parenting group, family and friends on Facebook
  • Check my stock performance
  • Tweet
  • Use an application to track the location of my husband
  • Listen to audio books and much more

Even with all the cool things I do. I think this is an example of someone doing something really innovative with their iPad: Watch This Video

What products do you think are innovative? How are you using them in an innovative way?

-By Stephanie Vanterpool, Research Director