WatchGuard Seminars in a Box

Category: Consulting

Client’s Pain Point
“We need a consistent approach to recruiting, planning, marketing, and tracking seminars and webinars”.

Ideba’s Approach
Leveraged Marketo® software, created a “Seminars in a Box” campaign, which included a consistent messaging framework, value proposition, event best practices, technical instructions, communication plan and cadence, registration forms, and post event surveys. In addition to these tools, Ideba created industry-specific web banners, recruitment emails, follow ups, and more.

Results for the Client

  • A consistent approach to event management, resulting in:
  • Reduced time required to create materials
  • More targeted and effective messaging, using a consistent tone and manner
  • More qualified leads, to fuel new business development
  • Increased traceability of the value of event expenditures