Planning for 2013 abounds with every one of my clients right now. Parceling out the limited budget for next year is a challenge in this resource-constrained climate. Consequently, marketing managers are seeking ways to be most effective with each and every dollar.

Two challenges that keep occurring are mobile marketing and social media. Each of these growing powerhouses of customer communications has unique capabilities. So, how do you determine where to lay the most chips on that baize tabletop?

To be sure, there is not one answer to fit all needs to this puzzle. However, its so critical in the current marketing era that not having a strategy for both mobile devices and social media is a serious misstep.

The only universal maxim to offer up is: wrap your mind around that of your customer. You may have customer feedback notes to mine or it may be time to get some fresh insights.Research might be where you need to focus first.

Regardless, once you know the prevailing viewpoint of your customer you can make better decisions about your marketing options. Then forge a strategy to better reach your customer base on mobile devices. Integrate this with your social media strategy as the two are merging rapidly and that nexus will be where the action is next year.

Share your thoughts on mobile strategies and social media trends for 2013: leave a comment below.

– Mark Salow, Marketing Consultant