Training is Tanking

Training, in my opinion, is critical to any organization. Without training, how will your employees know what do to? How do they learn the values and goals of the company?

43660833 - 3d illustration of bright empty classroom for lessons and training

Having worked for a luxury hotel company for most of my career, I learned that training was absolutely crucial. If you want someone to do something, you need to provide clear direction. We had a very robust training program that every single hotel adopted across the world. Any time I moved to another hotel, in the same company, I was required to go through the same basic training that every new employee had to attend. At the time, I thought it was repetitive and possibly a waste of time. In hindsight, there was a good reason for it. The company prides itself on having an excellent training program. That they do! I have never seen anything like it. It is extremely consistent from one hotel to the next, even in different regions/geographies. Each employee is in a 90-day probationary period, during which time they are required to follow a very detailed training plan. This helps them to be successful as well as ensure that they know what the company believes in and how they can help contribute to the company’s overall success. After all, isn’t that the goal?

Time and time again, I see companies that lack on the training front. This is from small companies to major corporations. Sure, there is some sort of “training plan”. But that varies. For example, I was listening in on a training call a friend of mine was on. The trainer basically told the new hires that the training is a formality, but essentially they will be thrown in the deep end to see if they will sink or swim. I was flabbergasted. Here is a huge company, requiring employees to attend a training program to tick off a box. There is no guidance or direction. There are modules in a repository that each person is required to go through. There is no 1:1 training. Just “sink or swim”.

I am a firm believer in training. No matter what the task, if it’s new to you, you need to learn how to do it. Sure there is self-training, but in order to really get a feel for the company and job you are about to embark on, there needs to be a committed training plan and a dedicated go-to person. If a company is rolling out something new, they need to train their people on whatever it is. Whether it be a WebEx or an online training course, some type of training should take place. How else do you expect for an entire company to have the same beliefs, commitment and dedication to the organization? You have to arm your people with the tools they need to do their job. If you want them to be empowered, they need to know what empowerment is and how they can use it. Training is a pretty basic element that every company should adopt. Whether a company of 5 or 5000, everyone should have the same core beliefs in order to help the company move itself in the right direction.

You can’t have a team of people working in all different directions without knowing the goal. Take the time to develop a training plan. Teach your people what you want them to know and do. Training is a key to success. You have to have it!

What do you think about training? Does your company provide the tools that you need to do your job well? Or are you just ticking a box?

Jenna Fuchs, Consultant