I knew tablets were becoming ubiquitous when I was having dinner at Alize in Las Vegas and was given a tablet in response to my request for their wine list. Sure enough, they had a robust “wine list app” that let me drill down on certain wines I was interested in, read tasting notes, view pictures of their vinyards and ascertain the degree of the slope that the grapes were grown on. Yes, that’s when I realized we were really on to something here.

We’re at an interesting point in the adoption curve, however, where people are recognizing that tablets can make their lives easier… but they aren’t really sure how yet. The reality is that, with unlimited possibilities for apps, the sky is the limit – both personally and professionally. Soon, business people will wonder how they ever survived without these app-laiden tablets to solve their daily problems. The issue now is simply creativity. What problems do we need to solve, and how can an app help? It will be interesting to watch as app development truly takes off as a service offering in the business consulting industry.

Let’s hear from you: how are you using apps to improve your business?

-By Erin Sullivan, Director of Client Services

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  1. Michael Cunningham
    Michael Cunningham says:

    I am currently on Windows Mobile OS and apps have been invaluable to by small business. I use an app to process credit card payments. I use social media apps to post messages regarding my services, as well as, posting images of various dishes to drive purchases. GPS apps help me to find delivery locations on the fly. Apps along with the capabilities of the Windows OS allow me to run my small business like a larger operation. All of my email communication is synced through my handset so I can receive food orders, inquiries, etc. while I am in the kitchen. There are apps available in the mobile food industry that allow customers to order & pay online then send the information to my handset so the customer can just drive up to pick up their order. Shopping list apps, scheduling apps for employees, to do list apps and cookbook apps are all available and value added components for my business.

  2. Erin (Ideba)
    Erin (Ideba) says:

    Thanks for sharing Michael. Sounds like you’re ahead of the curve, and likely more efficient as a result!

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