Every day we see a potential replacement for something we use. We get used to instagram and then flickr comes along with a massively better experience. But our friends aren’t there yet, so we use it, and then wait like urgent schoolboys in junior high for it to catch on. Successfully disrupting an audience’s behavior with incremental improvements upon a basic experience is a tough ask. But there seems to be a successful way to shift behavior, which is rethinking Time.

Take a look at the iOS app Strum. (https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/strum/id562793878?mt=8)

It does what Instagram does, but for a longer period of time. Instead of a single frame image, it adds music and visual effects for up to 15 seconds of video. The results are hilarious, and make for a more fun filled exploration of user creations than Instagram.

On the other hand, we have the notion of time being shifted to shorter lengths. Long-form blogs started self-publishing, and then Twitter comes along, successfully shifting our behavior by reducing time. My favorite disruption of the past year by far was Car2Go. What zipcar did 10 years ago to our notion of a car rental time period – moving it from 24 hours to hourly, Car2Go reduces even further our notion of a rental period, moving it from hourly to by-the-minute. At only $0.38, it is cheaper to rent a Car2Go than a computer by-the-minute from Kinkos. This is magical, in that the new business models have seen disruption merely by adapting to the modern notions of time.

Is there an opportunity to create fans and shift behaviors in your business by rethinking time? Would love to hear more.

-James Rice, Chief Digital Officer

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  1. Stephanie
    Stephanie says:

    Fascinating thought process James.

    It is also interesting to see things to the other way. When my mom got married she could rent her wedding dress, now everyone buys them.

    I think about our consulting business and I recall one client that wanted to know a breakdown of all work done in 15 minute increments instead of hourly. It is a lot of work to document but the detail offered visibility and helped build trust.

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