December 12938396_sis one of my favorite months. It signifies for me a close to the year and offers time to reflect on accomplishments and things that did not go the way I had intended. I also believe it is a time for setting clear objectives for oneself.

As such, I have outlined three goals which I look forward to pursuing in 2016 in the hopes that readers may feel inspired to attempt a similar exercise and come up with some goals of their own.

  • Communicate proactively: Through experience as a research manager, I have learned just how valuable consistent status updates are. More than anything, my goal is to give colleagues and clients the information they want before they ask for it; even provide new information they didn’t know they needed. Taking the initiative to send an email, for instance, clearly outlining the current status and next steps to completing a project gives the recipient one less task to think about.
  • Enhance coworker success: Coworkers are the most valuable assets we have in the workplace. Their success is the company’s success. In a siloed work environment, it can be easy to fall victim to becoming a ‘lone wolf’ and caring about only one’s direct responsibilities. That is simply not an effective method of working. With growing workloads and responsibilities, the reality is that one person’s bandwidth is simply not enough. Utilizing team members, and working hard to ensure they are successful is a requirement.
  • Get under the skin of clients: This is a goal that has remained constant for me while working at Ideba. It takes a lifetime to master the art of learning clients’ unique needs and creating market research material that addresses them. Taking advantage of every opportunity to learn more about what makes our clients tick is important in not only building relationships and friendships, but in becoming a true partner and ultimately an extension of their company.

In the next four weeks, I challenge readers of this blog to create goals for the New Year, to write them down, and to evaluate whether they were met by the time December 2016 comes around.

Feel free to leave a comment in the notes section regarding your goals for the upcoming year, or feedback on those presented above. Have a great December and a productive new year.

-Lee Sumner, Research Manager