1788556_sNielson released a market research report in October (2014) on advertiser’s Q4 spending – which invariably goes up during the holidays to entice last minute gift givers and holiday shoppers to purchase. Curious to see which industries are dolling out the majority of their ad dollars at the end of the year in hopes of getting their product on your wish list?

Companies in every noted category spent more on advertising during last year’s fourth quarter holiday season than they did five years ago. Tech products, video games, books, kitchen/cookware, and jewelry lead the charge on increased spending.

Note the jump in spending specifically around the winter-season holidays. Amazingly, in the gift categories of jewelry, video games, and toys, the fourth quarter ad spend represented 60%, 52% and 56% shares of the ad spend in total for that year respectively. Furthermore, Neilson found that ad spending in the jewelry category peaked in December as companies try to connect with last-minute male shoppers (previous research shows 70% of male shoppers said they plan to wait to begin holiday shopping until after November 1st).

Which holiday gift categories are you noticing the most when it comes to marketing this winter? Do you think getting a product out in front of so many potential customers is worth the costs incurred? Leave a comment below and let us know your thoughts.

-Lee Sumner, Research Analyst