Strangest Things

Thought I would keep you apprised of the things you can do when you have finished Netflix’s Stranger Things and are existentially nonplussed.

  • Get one step closer to alien life – follow the mysterious radio signals outside our galaxy.
  • Want a cheap MacBook? Check out the HacBook Elite.  A (not completely authorized) HP laptop that runs OS X out of the box.
  • With the new Fitbit devices released yesterday, you can track more of your so-called life. Start with a really good Morning Routine, and if you want to count more than steps, become a fully quantified self by tracking all the time you waste on Facebook with Timelines app.
  • After pointlessly logging your life, get more intimate rest on this genius invention, the Cuddle Mattress.
  • You are rested, so you want to work on your startup. You just have to have this stupid app, Napkin.
  • But forget the digital startup, and just make something with this piece of awesome machinery, the Shaper.
  • And then just focus on what matters, by reading Greg McKeown’s Essentialism or Chuck Klosterman’s But What If We’re Wrong?


-James Rice, Digital Strategy