Stop Living the Entitled Life

what are your goals question as memo on notebook with light bulbsWe live in a world where people feel a sense of entitlement. Entitled to a job they know nothing about. Entitled to receiving an exorbitant amount of money for a job they have no experience doing. Entitled to covered medical benefits, because why should any person have to pay for that on their own? One of the problems with this sense of entitlement is that people are losing sight of the fact that you have to work hard to get the results you are looking for. Life is not about having expectations and hoping someone else fulfills them. For crying out loud, you are given one life. Why not live it to the fullest? Set your goals high and do something different to ensure you can achieve them. Stop feeling entitled to things, when you aren’t willing to work for them.

I find myself going back to the same statement I heard years ago “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, hoping for different results”. People feel that they can do the same thing every day and still achieve their goals. Indeed, if your goals are the same every day, sure you can achieve them. But who doesn’t want more for themselves? Or for their company?

I recently heard a story from someone who had a problem with their iPhone and needed to get it repaired. They went to the Apple store and asked one of the employees what the process is to get the phone fixed. They were told to sign in and wait at a specific table for assistance, noting that the wait time would be about one hour. After waiting an hour and it nearly being their turn, a gentleman walked up to the table and started asking for help with his phone. The store employee had told the gentleman that he needed to sign in and follow the process to be assisted. He refused to do that, stating that he needed help right away and didn’t have time to wait.

Ok, we have all been there. As we stand in a line, we always want to be next. But the reality is that other people were there first and therefore deserve to be assisted first. Why do people feel a sense of entitlement? Why are you entitled to getting your phone fixed now without waiting in line when someone else waited an hour for their turn?

Set a goal

As we are in a new year, I really wish people would take the time to reflect. Set your goals and do something about them. Don’t talk about running a 5k. Get off your couch and do one! Need to get your phone fixed? Plan out time to get it done, knowing that you will wait an hour—just like everyone else. Instead of assuming that you know what your customers want, take the time to figure that out. Engage by doing voice of the customer (VOC) research. Find out what they like and don’t like. Don’t assume you have all of the answers, because you are entitled to them.

Stop feeling like the world owes you something. Instead, live life to the fullest and make your footprint known. Do something to help change the world. Don’t wait for the world to change for you. As Dr. Phil put it in this YouTube video, “Stop rewarding bad behavior. Hold people accountable and make them carry their own weight. It’s just that simple”.

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—Jenna Fuchs, Consultant