Share ConceptDuring a meeting this past week, I was taken aback by the phenomenal Web traffic of SlideShare. A colleague, James Rice, presented a wake up call of sorts: SlideShare has huge traffic stats and major corporations lean heavily on it for online content presentation and distribution. I had never realized the sheer dominance of this online portal.

To set the stage, I work in digital marketing and have since the 90’s so I continually stay abreast of emerging powerhouses. As an early adopter of many online portals and social media sites, I’ve guessed the likelihood of future success correctly many times.

With all that experience, it’s pleasant to have surprises once in a while. I call these “stealth mode Internet stand-outs” because these operations are seriously ahead of the curve but don’t get that mega-buzz in the press. Now, you can surf around and read plenty about SlideShare…don’t get me wrong. You won’t, however, read an article in Wired magazine dedicated to it.

Young companies like Square and Twitter have been getting continual attention with everyone’s eyes on huge buyouts or monster IPOs. But it’s oftentimes the stealth mode operations that will end up big winners. Such companies play quietly in the B-to-B space and don’t get the huge coverage that consumer-based firms do.

So, keep your eyes on SlideShare. You’ll certainly be hearing a lot more about them in the future. Also, if you know of other “stealth mode Internet stand-outs,” please share by leaving a comment below.

-Mark Salow, Consultant