As business decision makers continue to strategically allocate valuable resources to various parts of their company, expectations arise that paid in-house employees will deliver work especially tailored to company objectives. This mentality might be effective for such departments as finance, logistics, and operations where results are made apparent by consistency. However, applying the same logic to departments in charge of creativity, strategy, or anything without bias (like market research) likely won’t have the same positive effect.

Addressing this inherent shortcoming, third party consulting is a fantastic way to enhance a company from the outside in. An experienced firm works collaboratively on multiple accounts with multiple companies. In doing so, they develop a sweet spot for success. With enough practice, such partners learn how to come into any situation quickly and adapt, providing a standard of quality with high return on investment.

Partnering is a proven way of expanding availability to unique resources and enhancing brand identity. There is a certain magic that occurs when two companies strike a deal that benefits both parties involved. They are able to help each other via their respective networks – like the old phrase, “two heads is better than one.”

Partnering with a third-party is a reliable solution to companies that feel they are missing a piece of the puzzle. A professional outside opinion can offer a refreshing sense of honesty, comradery, and motivation allowing work to get done on budget and in a timely fashion.

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-Lee Sumner, Research Analyst