Power of Team

April 28 is fast-approaching. That’s the day that we’ll have our annual business review (ABR), a gathering that includes the core Ideba team, along with our Board of Advisors. QBRs and our ABR are an essential part of our culture, bringing together a virtual team of cool, super-talented individuals who make us who we are. They also help to reinforce our culture of honesty, trust, humor and openness – and allow us to celebrate our work.44361113_s

As an owner, these reviews also help keep me on my toes, and to ensure that we are constantly pushing new boundaries, maximizing our potential and growing as professionals, contributors and catalysts in our community. In the past 12 months, we’ve continued to grow financially, continued to give more to those in need; and taken the company forward – moving into new offices, launching a new Web site and brand assets, increasing our social presence, investigating new service offerings, and new geographies based on known client needs; and have continued to support multiple schools at home and abroad, via our Global Education Ambassador role.

Despite all of those achievements, the greatest part of our QBRs and ABR is the ability to take a step back, spend quality time together, celebrate our successes/failures, and enjoy the moment as a team.

In this day of fast-paced work environments, constant pressures, and constant change – I’d love to hear how you and your team celebrate your achievements, use the power of we, and move your organizations forward. Drop me a line to share some of the things that you are doing. Would love to learn what’s important to you.

David Sly, President