We’ve all embarked on business travel at some point, and with the holidays approaching there will soon be an influx in personal travel as well. Last week, when travelling between Victoria, Portland and Seattle, I couldn’t help but notice the varying conveniences and benefits of the different travel routes and methods.

When it comes to ferry travel, there are multiple options from Vancouver Island; the Coho and BC ferries have on-board cafes, free WiFi, and flatscreen TVs showcasing live news, but somewhat longer wait-times. In contrast, the passenger-only “Clipper” ferry to Seattle has very basic amenities, out-dated terminals, and no WiFi whatsoever – but the price is affordable!

Once arriving in Seattle, a great option to get to Portland is aboard the Amtrak train. A comfortable three-hour ride, it offers coach and business class options, and an on-board café and lounge area, but the terminals are a little tired, the WiFi is patchy, and its on-time performance is only 76%.

Perhaps one of the most common travel methods, air travel has been advancing greatly in its amenity offerings. Most commercial airlines in Canada have now been equipped with live satellite TV and movies, and although they don’t have WiFi on-board yet, almost all airports offer this service (whether it is free or for a small price).

However, one of my favourite ways to travel is via the small seaplanes out of the Victoria harbor, which most definitely cater to the business traveler. They have a complimentary breakfast table, plenty of leather lounge chairs, flatscreen TVs, computer workstations, and high-speed WiFi. In the end, all of these factors come together to offer a positive, comfortable travel experience, while allowing customers to stay fuelled and connected – all crucial aspects for both business and personal travelers.

We would love to hear from you – what are your favourite ways to travel and why? Are there any routes or methods that you avoid due to their lack of amenities?

-Michelle Clarke, Consultant/Analyst

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