Now has never been a better time to discover and be inspired by classic branding. With the recent release of not only New York City subway brand guidelines NASA Graphics Standards book and others we are spoilt for design inspiration.

The New York subway book is a lesson in simplification, follow through and general design awesomeness. How anyone was able to not only make sense out of a disjointed and complicated transit system but also create a dynamic design language is an incredible feat. From station signs and directional information, anyone who’s ever visited and traversed NYC is aware of how well this iconic graphic manual has stood the test of time. Then again maybe it’s goes unnoticed and maybe that’s the power and the beauty of it.

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My favorite, The NASA Standards book is a fine example how an iconic brand was able to influence our collective consciousness. Attached to space suits to rocket ships the logo, typeface and design elements helped define a golden era of space exploration and the seventies decade in general.

Both these brand guideline books were fully funded through kickstarter by other creative professionals, proving that sometimes it pays to look back to go forward.

What are your favorite brands and logos from yesteryear? Let us know in the comments below.

-Dan Rosen, Art Director