iStock_000027725363XSmallAs a business owner, I am forced to learn new things each and every day – from accounting to legal, to procurement… and more.

One of the things that we believe in passionately is giving employees the opportunity to learn new skills and disciplines – and every time you do that, the employee gains, and so does our business. Every employee at Ideba has been encouraged to learn at least one new skill, from an Art Director that is now fluent in video editing, to a Consultant that can write great case studies, and more. This year, we’re giving staff the opportunity to manage a video testimonial shoot featuring Ideba customers from beginning to end. And our design team will be afforded the opportunity to learn brand new skills, that help the company better meet the needs of our customers – from illustration through animation, and more. Our research team will expand its skills into Social Media as we look to leverage Social Media in research projects. Cool stuff.

It will be great to watch the team learn and grow, and to figure out how they can continue that journey in 2015.

If you are doing anything cool in regard to employee retention and growth, please drop me a line:

Look forward to hearing from you.

– David Sly, President