concept of data watch, so called smart watch or iwatchThe Mobile World Congress trade show is a well-known and prestigious event for companies to show off their most innovative mobile devices. It is apparent from this year’s event that the future of mobile accessories is ever-niftier than back in the day when colorful plastic covers were all the rage. This year, showcased what they thought were some of the most notable accessories including the Ibis Smart Watch, a stainless-steel dual-face smart watch that connects wirelessly to an Android or Apple device, and the FingerQ case which allows almost any smartphone the ability to recognize a user’s fingerprint and grant access based on biometrics alone.  

These gadgets might seem a little excessive or unnecessary to many, but, if you are one of the 89% of cell phone owners that do not trust themselves to own a phone without some sort of protective case, a favorite accessory of mine on the market today is the Mophie Juice Pack. It is a rechargeable battery case that doubles your phone’s battery life thus providing an especially helpful functional value.

The future of the mobile device market is accelerating quickly as more adaptations take hold. Currently the value of the mobile industry rivals that of the healthcare industry (worth more than $1.6 trillion). According to New York Times, “Mobile is expected to become a multi-trillion dollar industry in the next decade. That is because it includes not only phone makers, but also network equipment makers, wireless service providers, chip makers, software developers and Internet services. The mobile industry may even soon eclipse health care, if and when wearable computers, like smart watches and fitness trackers, become mainstream.”  Before you know it we will all look back at those plastic novelties we once called mobile accessories and scoff, because the new wave of accessories not only look cool, but they seriously enhance the user experience too.

Do you have a favorite high-tech accessory that has made your life better in one way or another? Share it with us by leaving a comment below.

-Lee Sumner, Research Analyst