Let’s face it, David Lynch is cool. He was when Twin Peaks took off about 27 years ago, and he still is.

Why this realization? I’m in marketing and something as long-awaited as the return oforested mountain slope in low lying cloud with the evergreen conifers shrouded in mist in a scenic landscape viewf Twin Peaks needed the right approach. And, again, at the direction of Mr. Lynch it got the imaginative treatment it deserved to match the twisted, hip coolness of the show.

If you’re going to tease on mystery…you can’t give any of it away, right? That’s what Lynch insisted upon from the marketing team at Showtime. Check out this IndieWire article to get the full story.

When you read more about it, you’ll get insights on how challenging marketing certain properties or services can be. One size does not fit all. So, I think it was quite clever what the Showtime guys came up with to build a buzz without sacrificing a single moment of the mystery.

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—  Mark Salow, Consultant ­