Making Your Company Pinteresting

Yes…it’s time to integrate photography into your social media plans if you haven’t already. It’s true…there’s a new, very real player in business social media: Pinterest. To wit, check these stats of this past week from the trackers at Experian:

What it says is that Pinterest is still number 4…it’s been in that spot since this summer. It’s no fluke. The photo posting service is definitely not some passing craze and, consequently, businesses have been investing valuable marketing dollars there recently. You may have noticed the rampant addition of Pinterest links on company sites this year like I have. Those swoopy P’s are becoming every bit as common as the other social media icons.

Consequently, effective social media plans now include a Pinterest strategy. If your company captures photos at industry events or creates cool advertising shots, it’s time to roll them out on Pinterest. If you don’t, it’s time to add photography sessions to your mix – especially, if your product demographic leans toward women who are trending much higher (most reported statistics lean at least 60-40 or more) in embracing Pinterest. Additionally, 70% of Pinterest users report that they use it as an inspiration of what to buy.

So, call up your photographer or brush up your shooting skills and get going. This might be more challenging for services and virtual products…but put your thinking cap on and create a conceptual photo series to post. Whatever the case, if you haven’t already, it’s time to start “pinning” your business for all to see.

– Mark Salow, Marketing Consultant