16012031_sReading this article in Forbes (It’s Time Get Serious About Managing The Quality and Distribution Of Your Marketing Content), it struck me how incredibly important customer evidence is to filling the content void. There are three issues that are mentioned: the rising bar on quality content, better distribution drives more value, and content strategy leads to measurable sales outcomes.

Taking the first concern – the need for quality content – if you create customer stories correctly, you get really powerful testimonials that help convert more sales. A process for finding and capturing the best stories is essential to hitting the high quality bar. Based on the variety of process options, it’s wise to get some insights from experienced case study professionals to avoid setting up the wrong approach.

On the distribution front, customer evidence can be loaded up onto SlideShare, pushed out via social media, blogs and Web pages, and turned into old-fashioned collateral sheets…the list goes on. The wisdom here is to make sure you hit as many as appropriate and possible. So, the final issue is really the most important one: a content strategy that leads to sales success.

It is this last piece that can be the most daunting. The Forbes article touches on the conceptual foundation for doing it well. It’s a handy list that I recommend following. After all, without the right strategy, tactical efforts can be a waste of your marketing dollars.

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– Mark Salow, Marketing Consultant