lollipop colors craft detail candy flavors, sugarA couple of years ago, I had the opportunity to become involved in a student leadership group that allowed me to attend a number of conferences across Canada.

One of the first conferences I attended featured a keynote speaker I had seen in a TED talk video a couple years earlier, Drew Dudley. One of his stories had always stuck with me and it was an honor to see him speak live and repeat his experience with every day leadership and, what he has coined, “lollipop moments.”

In this story, he talks about a girl he didn’t know coming up to him and telling him that he had changed her life. She goes on to explain that on her first day of university, she stood in the orientation line-up and she became convinced she was not ready for the next four years. As she turned to tell her parents she wanted to go home, Drew approached the family in front of her with a lollipop, and did something that changed her mind completely.

I won’t ruin the story’s impact by telling it here, but check out the video yourself.

The key lesson that Dudley imparts through this story is that everyone has the power to have immense impact on anyone else, without even knowing it. Everyone can be a leader, even if not necessarily in the most traditional sense that we imagine. Which is pretty cool.

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— Kaila Joynes, Junior Consultant