Global InvestmentIn the past nine months, we’ve completed work in 16 countries, for industry leaders such as Microsoft, VMware and SAP – in Europe, Asia-Pacific, the Far East, and the Americas.

One important thing that we’ve learned along the way…it doesn’t matter how big you are, how much experience you have in certain markets, or whether you speak the language (although that helps!), it’s all about the quality of the work. For the work that we are doing overseas right now, is driving more and more new opportunities.

Along the way, we’ve had the honor of interacting with some phenomenal clients, from a pasta company in Chile, Financial Services companies in Europe, leading-edge government agencies in Australia, an airline in Saudi Arabia, and the world’s largest global property developer, based in Dubai. It’s at times like these when it’s good to step back, recognize the opportunities afforded to us that maybe weren’t afforded to generations past, and appreciate the world for its diverse economic culture.

These engagements provide new opportunities for employees to work with peers overseas for the first time, and an opportunity to learn more about different business cultures and styles.

Would love to hear about work that you and your team are doing in different markets around the world, and some of your learning along the way.

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-David Sly, President