Everyone has one obscure kind of technology they hope gets invented. Something that frees up time, makes things easier, or enhances lives some other way. Personally, I desire completely wireless technology.

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To remove the eyesore and frustration of cables, I wish for something that keeps my TV running without it being plugged in. Can you imagine? Wireless vacuum cleaners, reading lamps, and entire stereo systems that require no plugs or recharges. I want to walk into my house, and have my cellphone automatically charging no matter where I go; the same way that I pick up WiFi.

That’s why I was pleased and surprised to find out in the last few weeks that one technology company is moving customers into a wireless world by removing headphone jacks from their popular product. I am of course referring to Apple’s iPhone 7 that launched September 16th.

Describing the new design as a “deliberate evolution” of previous models, iPhone was quickly met by an onslaught of skeptics who believe increased dependence on wireless headphones/audio via Bluetooth and similar technology is a bad idea!

I must confess that I fall into the category of skeptic for the time being. Wireless audio is fickle and often hard for me to sync up. But even so, it stands to reason that bugs or defects which customers endure early will quickly be ironed out. I just hope someone told headphone/audio companies (e.g. Bose, Skullcandy, Beats) that the switch-up was happening. I imagine they want to make haste in designing better wireless products and sell their soon-to-be outdated, headphone-jack-needing inventory.

This change reminds me of a time, not so long ago, when laptop manufacturers started doing away with CD drives. In that case it seemed like a quiet fade away when CDs were less and less common. This time Apple took a “disruptor” approach by yanking what was thought to be a necessary element away without warning.

Do you think iPhone users can adapt to Apple’s deliberate evolution? Is my hope of a completely wireless future just a pipe dream? Let us know your thoughts by sharing via social media below.

-Lee Sumner, Sr. Research Manager