truck with boxes isolated on whiteIf you haven’t watched the hilarious commercial promoting KMart’s free store shipping, stop reading this and view it here. At its core, it is a smart first step as a business to defend against the showrooming problem retailers are struggling with.  The magic is of course in the execution, with a repetitive play on words that will make you feel 7 years old again.

Of particular note, however, is how KMart is countering showrooming.  Instead of trying the likely costly angle of finding an exclusive brand like Target does so well, KMart stays true to its brand by avoiding pretending to have an upgraded store or inventory experience, and lets you order things not on the shelves, but in their supposed extensive online catalog.  Those that shop online already know that every domain name can carry every brand, so why not try a KMart brick store and ask a human to order for you?  The rule of collateral purchase will create spend with an audience new, or returned after decades.  But ultimately, it does something amazing for a brand scarily behind the 8 ball.  It sets KMart up for a competitive future – one that doesn’t require expensive store rehabs, mobile technology investments, or costly licensing or sponsorship deals.

Bravo for a shippy retailer staying true to the audience it serves, while entertaining and hopefully attracting a new one. Tell us what you think of the commercial or share some of your favorites with us by leaving a comment below!

-James Rice, Chief Digital Officer