Kickstart Myself to Death

I’ll freely admit that, up until about six months ago, I was in a frenzy, Kickstarting and Indiegogo-ing every interesting thing that appeared.  And I was becoming quite adept at picking a TON of losers.  Things that I’ll be waiting for longer than Estragon waited for Godot. Truth is, Godot will never show. And in the rare cases that something does appear on my doorstep months later, the rest of the world has already moved on with better versions and faster releases.  My Coin card was used once, failed, and now sits in a drawer. Version 2.0 was announced a few days after I got my V1.0.  It was just one of many undelivered or underwhelming projects and put an end to my concept investments.JR blog photo_063016

But last week an amazing gift arrived on my doorstep, after a year of waiting. It was from Infento, an amazing company and concept for build-your-own rides.  The Kickstarter campaign inspired me with pictures of building some amazing industrial designs with my little ones. And then, the eight massive boxes opened up. After organizing them with the kids, reviewing which of the ten models we wanted to build first, we embarked on our fun construction journey.

Fifteen minutes later, the kids were back to regular LEGOs and Dad was stuck with six more hours to finish the promised model. It was a much larger and more complex undertaking than I expected. That said, it was some of the best time I’ve spent reliving my own childhood. The kids moved their project to build next to me, and keep me motivated to get it done so that they could ride it. So we had the bonding experience, but not exactly as promised.  Pretty much like everything on Kickstarter.  I am already planning on tearing down the first model and building the next one, but over a longer period of time that captures the attention of a five-year old.  Pretty much how I should do most things in life.

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-James Rice, Digital Strategy