I came to the conclusion many years ago that we all go to work for the same reason – reward and recognition. What each of those mean to you at a personal level may vary, but that’s ultimately why we pull ourselves out of bed every day.james-big-adventure

At Ideba, we try to build a lot of different dynamics into our culture that tie back to reward and recognition, including a “retention bonus”, awarded to employees after every five years of service. The bonus takes the form of two free flights anywhere in the world, for an employee and their companion to check off a bucket-list destination, explore a place they’ve always dreamed of visiting, or just grabbing some well-deserved R&R. I’m thrilled to share the next award with our most tenured team member, James Rice.

James and I have worked together 13 years. A hugely talented guy and truly “unique” member of the Ideba team, James does a tremendous job sharing his knowledge and expertise with clients and colleagues alike, raising the bar for video, interactive and UI/UX engagements. I am really proud to have him on the Ideba team, and to count James as one of my closest friends.

And now the question arises… where will James go on his “Big Adventure”? Maybe an old fave like Berlin or London? Perhaps somewhere on his bucket list like Copenhagen? Possibly an old stomping ground like Moab for a little mountain-biking action? Or maybe somewhere Mrs. Rice wants to go, like Dubai? We’d like YOUR help in deciding where James’s Big Adventure will take him. So check out the e-book we’ve created to help you decide, and vote today!

And please do share with friends, family and colleagues, as we’d like to get as many votes as possible by October 10, 2016. Please vote today, and share away!

David Sly, President