What can you do for business performance in 2016?  There are ample opportunities online.  At Ideba we specialize in thinking about your business through the eyes of the customer.  So, make plans in 2016 to get inside their heads with the latest tools.32825645_s

For example, Periscope (periscope.tv) is becoming an increasingly powerful online tool for businesses.  It enables live demos, Q&A and training sessions, all with customer interaction.  So, think of the ways you can get to know your customers better with it.  For example, you could use Periscope for your focus group sessions and gather direct customer feedback collecting live quotes for your marketing campaigns in the process. And, as Periscope is a two way street, you can interact with your customers there and simultaneously monitor reflective responses to gain business insights.

Another clever move marketers can make in 2016 is increase laser focus in the right places and on the right people. Move away from traditional search marketing (a la Google’s perpetually changing algorithm) and focus on where the traffic is now actually coming from: social media.  There are big data tools available online now for guidance, such as Topsy.com, to steer you toward which social media channel is the most powerful one for your business…and they vary widely.  Retailers, for example, have learned that Pinterest is the most effective tool to use for targeting 30-something female shoppers.  But business computer software, for example, is not as prominent on that social channel.  Once you can focus on the right social channels, you can then build relationships with your brand ambassadors on each of them.

Brand ambassadors talk about your company’s products or services with a voice of authority…and get the most interaction online. Following these most commented and most reposted brand ambassadors for your company will give you exponential growth in online efforts.  By attaching yourself to the right person, you’ll learn far more about what followers are saying about your business, gather valuable comments for marketing, and can join in conversations to influence them accordingly.

We’d like to hear what you think about 2016 social media trends, so post a comment and share.

-Mark Salow, Marketing Consultant