Being Research Director is all about having a passion for learning new things every day and then passing these insights onto our clients so they can improve their business. Each day is different because I am always talking to new clients, their customers, or their prospects and learning about what is going on in their likely ever-changing market. Here are some of the random but cool things I learned last week:

  1. It cost me under $10 to call Nigeria via Skype and ask an IT director about their IT security issues. Surprisingly a lot of the issues were the same as those of IT directors in the U.S.
  2. The marketing phrase, “not on our watch” does not translate well in German. A better phrase is, “not while we protect you.”
  3. Social media fraud is becoming a real problem. I heard one example of a man creating over 200 fake accounts just to harass his ex-wife
  4. The statement on our signature, “Please consider the environment before printing this e-mail,” was received as offensive by a research participant who saw it as irrelevant and condescending.
  5. You can’t even imagine the number of devices Microsoft now touches since it bought Skype.
  6. 50% of people who took a survey we conducted on IT project management services turned down the incentive because they saw value in being anonymous.

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by Stephanie Vanterpool