As Ideba’s Account Coordinator, I am officially half-way through my first internship. It has been a great learning adventure, and I have been happy to help out with the many dynamic parts of the Ideba world. I have been especially privileged to assist with a few great initiatives, as part of Ideba’s commitment to education and to the community.

  • When we upgraded one of our Victoria office laptops, we donated the original to a local non-profit organization for use in their Youth Business Club. This program teaches real-world business skills and supports children in creating their own small business. With the gift of our laptop, the children are now able to complete online research and create typed business plans.
  • In partnership with JPMorgan Chase, we are filling 630 backpacks full of school supplies this summer, and donating them to less fortunate elementary school students in North Portland.
  • Ideba has also been working closely with the University of Victoria, providing mock interviews, participating in panel discussions with students, and providing free consulting services to the Commerce Students’ Society, not to mention proactively hiring myself as an intern, on multiple co-op terms!

These gestures have been rewarding not only to the organizations and groups themselves, but to Ideba as well. I’m looking forward to assisting with other ways in which we can support education and our local communities.

Comments Welcome: What does your company do to support education and the local community? How do you encourage your employees, colleagues and clients to be community- and education- focused? What does this commitment mean to you?

– By Michelle Clarke, Account Coordinator, Intern