by Michelle Clarke, Account Coordinator, Intern

As the new intern at Ideba coming from the University of Victoria, I was excited to be immersed into the world of marketing and business. Overall, I have had an extremely successful first week; introductions, meetings, discussions, a misbehaving laptop, and a lot of e-mails! Ideba has provided me with a welcoming and respectful work environment through a very smooth transition. For this week, I would like to offer some reasons why you should consider hiring an intern:

  • Interns are full of energy; they are eager to learn, embrace, and offer new ideas and perspectives.
  • As a member of the ‘Generation Y’, my age group is known for its expertise with synchronous communication methods (i.e. SMS texts, online messengers), as well as with social media.
  • They bring knowledge from modern education standards and programs. Building on course experiences, I am eager to start bringing some fresh ideas for environmental sustainability in the workplace.
  • Clients appreciate your company’s commitment to education and upcoming generations.
  • You are investing for significant future return

Your intern is able to grow and develop their business skills, and receive support for their education goals; as a paid intern, I am excited to earn money that will go toward tuition for my upcoming years of university.

Now, we would love to hear from you: What is your experience with interns? Have you ever considered hiring an intern for your company? In what areas do you believe an intern would bring value?

For more information on Michelle and her internship, visit our Team Ideba page and New Internship blog post.