Five Things to Remember for a Successful Meeting

Last year I got the opportunity to work with a team of six student interns. They were shocked when I wrote up their midterm report saying they had done an exceptional job with their assigned projects but lacked professionalism. At our next meeting, they asked me to explain. Here are the points I gave them:

  1. Always show up to a meeting or call on-time. On-time means that you have already arrived and set up and are ready to go with an agenda.
  2. Know who owns what responsibility. Identify who will lead what part of the meeting and who will add color commentary.
  3. Focus on the objectives of the call or meeting and refocus the group if the conversation goes off on a tangent.
  4. At the end of the meeting or call review the action items discussed and outline next steps.
  5. Before the end of the day, send a follow-up e-mail with any notes and action items from the meeting.

These are some minor best practices that make all the difference to our clients and important things we look for in our partners. If I can’t trust you to show up to a meeting on time why would I trust you to perform well on my marketing campaign?

What are some best practices that are important to you and your organization?

By Stephanie Vanterpool, Research Director

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  1. David Sly
    David Sly says:

    I remember working for someone in the past that got upset when we were on laptops in meetings… even though we were just taking notes!

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