facebookI recently noticed this video trending online about the social and emotional love-hate relationship users have with Facebook and their experience while using it. As someone who is captivated by consumer behavior I found the message of the video fascinating and mildly worrisome as it truly sheds insight into the psychological disconnect that users feel when they interact with family, friends, and acquaintances online.

This video seems to insinuate that the personality people “create” for themselves online is one which over exaggerates the positives in their life, and which perpetuates the behavior of other people to do the same thing (at the detriment of their overall well-being).

After watching I read some of the comments posted and I think this quote captures the paradoxical issue at hand perfectly: “When someone posts the positives in life, they’re embellishing. But when they post the negative, they are ‘being dramatic.’”

The issue that critics seem to take up with Facebook is not so much that the platform itself is wrong in any way, but that the user’s Friends are sharing information in a way that they don’t like. If that is the case, what can Facebook possibly do to improve their customer’s experience overall?

My question to the reader is: if you could change one thing about Facebook to improve your user experience, what would that one thing be? Please provide your answer in the comment section below.


– Lee Sumner, Research Analyst