At Ideba, we encourage research clients to use in-person interviews rather than engaging over the phone or online. With in-person meetings, the interviewer can build trust and gain valuable insights that could not have been gleaned otherwise. In-person interviews also lead to more valuable customer insights, which translate into more informed decisions for the client.


  • Admittance of wrong doing: A member of the sales team admitted to cheating on quarterly quizzes.–>This insight caused our client to reduce their budget for online training and repurpose the budget to focus on in-person training at events.
  • Key sales insights: The IT director handed over a 20-page packet outlining their evaluation criteria for mapping technologies.–> Our client understood exactly what features and functions cost them this deal and focused their research and development resources in the right areas.
  • New business opportunities: The manager whispered that the director was an idiot and that even with a $2M training package, there was no room in the current training classes for anyone on his team.–>Our client was able to re-open contract negotiations using new sales tactics that included the director and his reports.

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