Embracing or Fearing Glassdoor

About three years ago, I received a call from a prospective client, worried that his firm’s Glassdoor ranking was appearing at #2 in organic searches for his firm. The overall score was not flattering and there were a number of negative comments from former employees.

At that point, I started to pay more attention to our firm’s Glassdoor score, and to ensuring that our work environment and DNA would be accurately reflected by employees, former employees, and job candidates. That effort continues today, and I’ll ask employees that have expressed favorable views of working at Ideba if they would mind taking a few minutes to capture that sentiment via a Glassdoor review. And why not?

Just as a candidate will look at that kind of information when considering an employer, I’ll look at that information, when considering whether we should take on a new client or not. And sometimes it’s valuable to look not just at the score/feedback, but the way in which the firm handles that information. One GREAT example of that is Greenway Health. Greenway are an Electronic Health Record (EHR) company based in Tampa, FL. We’ve had the pleasure of working with them since Q1, 2017.

Having conducted qualitative research among their customers, I came to realize that the EHR industry has fairly high employee turnover rates (Greenway is actually by far and away the lowest of the ones that I researched), and so they likely need to keep their eye on a site like Glassdoor. And Greenway does so in a classy, professional manner. While positive feedback is appreciated and embraced, the way in which their Director of Talent Acquisition takes the time to respond to some of the negative feedback is very refreshing – in many instances directly addressing comments with a Greenway point-of-view; and demonstrating how they use feedback to learn and improve. A very different approach to Glassdoor than a company that quickly gets defensive about negative commentary.

So what’s your organization’s Glassdoor score (I still talk to management of firms that do not know theirs!); and how is your firm embracing feedback?

If you know of other firms that are managing their Glassdoor site, please do drop me a line and let me know. I’d love to hear from you.


David Sly, President