Some of the most exciting projects are when we solve a marketing problem through product improvement. In a market where innovation and expansive features reign supreme, your customers are best served through excellent product design. Begin with understanding customer use cases, and assess the product in how well it serves those needs. Improvements and new features are then represented with design comps, which the technology team reviews. You can prototype the interfaces with your users to get further feedback, and incorporate into a final design.

We are seeing a great response from end customers when asked to participate in the design process. This has led to some cases of new sales via word of mouth, as well as improved retention. Most important, insulating your market from the competition will continue to rely on product design.

It needs to be in the culture of the organization to look past pure utility to craft a holistic customer experience. Your product development should be considering great design in addition to feature set updates. Inspire your team with great design examples, and take the initiative to design a better product.

I would love to hear where some of your design inspiration comes from, and the challenges you face in improving your product.

– James Rice, Digital Experience