Cooper Pacific

Category: Research & Marketing

Client’s Pain Point
“As we continue to recover from the impacts of the 2008 economic downturn, how can we facilitate investor retention and growth?”

Ideba’s Approach

  • Qualitative research to understand clients’ pain points, which led to a marketing strategy with increased emphasis on regular, personalized communication to inform/educate investors.
  • Leveraging research to create a new value proposition, messaging framework and brand guidelines to drive consistent communications.
  • Executed investor Open House as a part of broad effort to engage customers at a one-to-one level, and encourage open dialogue.

Results for the Client

  • Dialogue with investors via mail, email, one-to-one meetings and an Investor Open House, has driven engagement; and acknowledgment that Cooper Pacific has not just weathered the economic downturn, but has done significantly better than many other MICs.